Contract Tasks

  • Preparation and Identification of Contractual Obligations

Our team will scrutinise the contract documents to identify all of your contractual obligations. These obligations will commence from the signature of the Contract to the Final Handover of the Project. Briefly these are:

  • Bonds, Guarantees and Warranties
  • Payment Conditions and Retention
  • Progress Reports
  • Contractual Procedures
  • The Employers Requirements, Specifications and Special Requirements
  • Statutory and Local Authority requirements
  • Contractual Record keeping such as Quality Control tests, inspections and non-conformance reports (NCR’s)
  • Contractual Notices and correspondence
  • Handover Requirements

Your contractual obligations, actions and their processes must commence immediately after the contract award to ensure that there will be no requirement to play “catch up”.

  • Setup of Obligatory Contract Processes

We will work closely with you to format the required processes, forms, registers, correspondence templates and reports required so that you can meet the contractual obligations. We will also consider your existing internal processes in order avoid duplication of work.

The required resources are available to implement these systems on your project.

  • Audit of Contractual Implemented Processes

We will carry out regular independent audits to ensure that the implemented processes are being performed as intended.